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Just navigating my 30s and developing my self awareness through travel. 






My cycle Diaries: Take 5

I haven’t written for a while; guess I’ve been processing my situation and getting myself to the right headspace. To my detriment, I...

My cycle Diaries: Take 4

I’m currently camped in a park’s public toilet, no onsen tonight and I ate the some very fresh fish… too fresh for comfort. I mean the...

My Cycle Diaries: Take 2

I was greeted at 3 am with hella strong winds and the need to head out into the wet to re-enforce my tent. When morning came it was still...

My Cycle Tour Diaries. Take 1

I know I said once a week but I feel ill just write up my explorations when I have the energy and feel like writing. Besides I have done...

Why I chose to cycle tour.

I liked riding bikes as a kid, even after I smashed up my chin and earned myself 12 stitches …Or that time I was dragged around the...


I guess life is like skiing a sport of continuous movement but like some aspects of my skiing my thoughts are static… I need to be open...


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