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My cycle Diaries: Take 5

I haven’t written for a while; guess I’ve been processing my situation and getting myself to the right headspace. To my detriment, I definitely live by the saying ‘The grass is always greener on the other side.’ Well in fairness, what if it is?

But this time, I guess it’s been just as rainy and well colder…woops

I am somebody that always tries to better my situation. I don't really just let things sit. Just like every morning I access and re-arrange my gear to try and make it more efficient and less? Well annoying! Yet every day, I still have to unpack everything or remove items to access something.

What if I just accepted that this will happen regardless of my efforts? Then I would probably be quite content with my packing.

Those that have been following my journey, know that rain season hit early in the south and I battled the torrential enroute to Nagasaki. I rested up in the city for two nights trying to figure out the best way to proceed. I can handle some cycling in the rain but with the upcoming forecast friends where warning me of potential flooding and other crazies.

Birthday treats in the City, Dangos , Matcha iced tea and some creamy goodness.

I’ve never experienced a rainy season, but I had just witnessed that the rain doesn’t just trickle, it piss pours! So, I thought I’d listen to their warnings and try my hand at making good life choices.

After all, my gear is budget buy and not so hard core… yikes.

I had a glass of wine and made a contingency…

Get the train to Kanazawa. (Where they hadn’t yet announced rain season) cycle home from their and the weather will hopefully improve as I get further north. PLAN.

Nagasaki peace memorial and the paper cranes in homage of Sadako Sasaki.

Getting equipped for the train was quite the adventure in itself. In Japan you need a cycling bag for your bike to board the train. After hunting through the stores, I realised Nagasaki has no such thing. So, I made a rather terrible makeshift bag from covers and rope and then awkwardly navigated my bike and all my cycling gear across three very quick-change overs… I looked like this guy…

I still have the shoulder bruising to prove it.

I got soo many stares from Nihon jin, what is that bakka gaijin doing? Actually, when I got to Kanazawa two girls interviewed me for their university paper. Maybe ill become famous without even knowing!

I was welcomed with very wet conditions, that I pedaled through.

The next few days where pretty trying. Any points of interest I wanted to check out were covered in thick fog or closed and I was camping up under shelters in parks to keep dry. I hadn’t had a single conversation with a person, in person. Other than ordering food or coffee.

I was just wondering and wet and what made it worse was the sun had been shining in the south... Not so good for the grass is always greener part of me. Go figures…

How you guys navigate a full lockdown I will never know!

I was craving some connection and not the fake kind that is social media. Fortunately, the universe answered and I met mark and his bed humping dog that took me in for the night. I was served some delicious home cooked grub and well, we got cooked. The night ended with us slurring the lyrics to mustang sally and dancing around the living room. Bad influence that Mark.

But that is the beauty of life…

(The devils advocate.... O sake?)

Kanazawa was a bust but I found a nice road to Genpei onsen.

The way to mount Tate but you couldn't see the mountain 😂 then out to the coast for camping.

The cliffy coastline and the mountain road to Hakuba gave me some eye candy and all the tunnels definitely kept me from thinking about anything other than survival.

I just have make it to the other end 🤞

After my session with Mark I was left rather delicate but definitely in lifted spirits! Plus you never guess what?... the morning was clear! Get ready for some serious greenery shots! I checked out the resort and made my way to Nagano City.


So I'm currently in Nagano splurging but that's for next time, this ones long enough... I really need to learn how to concise my life.

But I am really looking forward to the next few days. Theirs lots on my route to see and I think some sun to be expected!

As for my twenty pence today, their are no losses just lessons. Life keeps rolling and theirs always something around the corner ;)

Until next time!

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