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My National Park Adventure : 'Classic Tanya'

Well, that was quite something! I am currently sat in a café after my work shift. I finished up my cycle trip yesterday and right now I’m feeling rather tired but Nostalgic.

That was quite the trip!

It did end rather bitter sweetly, the bitter part being the loss of my wallet the sweeter part was that I got to witness the kindness of the Rausu community, and of course the lovely Ooba San. I definitely hope to see that small bundle of joy again. There is always some bright side or lesson to be learnt from any unfortunate situation. That’s just apart of life and what really makes it beautiful.

My trip started in rather moist conditions… I’m starting to see a pattern

with my cycle trips or I guess Japans climate is frequent rain.

Maybe that's why parts of east Hokkaido reminded me at times of the English countryside.

Except well, in England we don’t have bears.

Lets begin, I started my trip by delivering a car to Obihiro. From here I made my way towards Akan National Park. It felt Hella good to be back on the road and my first few days were filled with farm scenery, I took myself of the beaten track to enjoy some gravel riding amongst the farm fields. Even though my bike was rather heavy and not Ideal for the gravel, it did make it interesting and fun.

A good distraction from the rain!

By the second evening I entered Akan Mashu National park and camped up in the forest around Onneto lake. If you want to see deer, I recommend going here. There was so much deer but unfortunately I failed to capture any snaps.

Onneto Lake and my bush Camp.

The Akan National park is known for it's many lakes and being quite the onsen Area! So the next few days where spent cycling to beautiful scenic spots and dipping in and out of HOT water.

Now that's what I call living ;) Can I do this all the time?

Lake Akan, I met a friend at the top of the pass (He left his car in the middle of the road with the blinkers on for quite sometime...)

Wakotohantokohan Campground, Lake kussharo. Free onsen by the lake :)

Lake Mashu.... It was quite the hill climb up to this beauty with all the gear but the sight was definitely worth it... In fact I think the effort to get their made me appreciate this lake much more!

Mount Iou, an active volcano that used to be a sulfur mine. 'Iou' is sulfur in Japanese.

I reached Shiretoko on day 5. The National park is thriving, It really did feel like a natural phenomenon. Rejuvenating and revitalizing, I feel like I'm describing hair care treatment but I honestly felt more energized just being their.

It definitely reiterated to me what I've heard environmentalist say about the earth, and how the planet will be A OK once we are gone, better than OK in-fact.

I cycled to the Goko lakes and it really felt like I was inside the Jurassic park set.

The one and only road leading through the park had large fences in parts. I guess to deter the bears from crossing the road too often. Their was also electric fencing around the lake walk way. This made me feel naked when I went back on the bike, do I need an electric fence around me?

But I didn't encounter Mr. bear this day.

I then sat off on top of some tsunami barriers and caught a rather amazing sunset on the way back to camp!

Well isn't that beautiful :)

Time to take the Shiretoko pass to Rausu! Now this was some nice cycling! I enjoy cycling the passes the most. The hill climb to a view and often a fun decent and Shiretoko pass is stunning!

I definitely got an overdose of green therapy this day!

Futatsuiwa camp ground, had myself a few beers here with a crazy geegee from Osaka.

I took a boat tour up the Shiretoko Peninsular the next day, I used a small company with local fisherman guides. I definitely recommend this tour if you are ever in Shiretoko. The small boats take you closer to the beaches and give you a better look at the local wildlife.

Can you spot the bear in this photo?

The problem was after seeing Mr Daddy brown I was rather excitable... I went back via the camp had a quick lunch at your local michelin Seicomart. I really had to bust a move if I wanted to reach Shibetsu before dark!

So what happens to Tanya when she's not thinking about what she is doing in the present moment? well? Things generally go pear shaped.

Classic Tanya...

So somewhere in-between the seicomart in Rausu and the seicomart in Shibetsu (a 50 km stretch) Lies my wallet with my cards and IDs and of course I'd just drawn out a sufficient amount of funds at the seicomart to cover the rest of the trip and some treats in the city...

Ideal... Good one Tanya.

So what now? Well I actually remain very chill, have a great sleep and remain very positive about the recovery of my wallet the following day. I've just got to cycle back and surely ill come across it right?

Most if the first map was traveled by boat. (First 20km was by bike)

Camped up at the Docks in Shibetsu.

So the next day I cycle back the 50km without much luck..

Well maybe Ill get a better luck on the way back again...

Thunderstorm hits...

I get very wet...

Ok just have a cupper in the tunnel...

Set off...

Oops now I have a flat....Of course, back tire again...

Now I repair it. Get the tire pressures checked by lovely man in a tuck...

Set off...

Rains again....

OOO rainbow... Ironic maybe my wallet will be at the end...

Well isn't that pretty.... that's got be a good sign...

Tire goes again...

WTFrigg wooosaaaaaa well nothing left for the repairs, back tires shot and my gears are also giving me trouble...

Welcome to the Tanya skit of what can go wrong... but through all this I remain very positive that my wallet will show until... their was no road left to check.

Back up to Rausu then back down... I do dislike traveling back on-myself especially carrying all the gear...


What to do now?

I'm supposed to be at work the day after tomorrow and I'm still 500 km from home hmmm...

Turns out I didn't have to do anything...

The following day I was met with kindness from a man that brought me breakfast. Then a lovely lady by the name of Ooba san that took me to buy everything I needed to fix Veronica. Then Ooba took me home and provided me with a place to wait for the night bus, that my Nihonjin Mama Shizuka San had arranged for me back in Niseko, along with some dingo dollars.

Wait? What? how did that Happen?

That's better than my plan to live off my porridge rations and hitch-hike slash bike my way back.

Thanks Guys!

So I board that night bus from Bekkai that takes me straight to Sapporo and cycle the last leg home.... Perfect timing... I made it in time for Makkenai.

So I guess my twenty pence for today is, have a sense of humor when shit hits the fan and never put all your eggs into one wallet ;).

I also want to reflect on how fortunate I am to have the strong support of friends. That seem to do all the worrying for me, so that I don't have to.

I'm a very lucky girl :)

Until next time


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