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Shiretoko Here I Come! The fine print can wait 🤪

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

It’s that time again…

I’m so ready for another adventure!

That change of scenery from working a job you wouldn’t really be doing if the world was back to normal. Even though I can see and appreciate the value of my work, I can’t shake the feeling of unfulfillment as it’s not really my passion, its somebody else’s.

Though I am a rational human, (majority of the time) and I accept my current situation for what it is. I’m positive about future prospects, some might say naïve, but well? I ignore those people. I do see the benefits of my current role; I have a job with endless ongoing work, which equals security in a very unpredictable time.

However, I will still expedite my right to a good moan… I am British after all.

You know that famous slogan “keep calm and carry on…”?

Well, Northern English folks’ slogan should read… ‘moan, moan some more…then get shit done.’

Life’s been busy since I returned from my last trip, passion projects and my bike have been descending down my priority list. Actually, I don’t have a list, that would be too organised but its descending down my virtual list in my brain. So, I’m ready to cut myself a break and get some solitude and the freedom to do me.

A opportunity presented itself and I now have a 9-day window to see where my legs can take me.

Destination Shiretoko! Known for its rich eco system and high bear population!

Wait did I just say bear?

This is a ruff plan of my route and about all the planning I have done at this stage. Thank you google maps! I have just now peaked at the forecast ... It’s not good. Looks like alot of thunderstorms are heading this way and I’m leaving on the 24th come rain or shine. I may not get this window of opportunity again.

It’s going to be challenging, I haven’t done any long rides since I returned at the start of June (Todays date 22 of Aug). I’m anticipating some muscle soreness and bottom ache. I’m going to have to plan the first few nights’ destination then leave it up to my stubbornness to get me there.

Current extras for the kit list… bear bell and bear spray. Not sure how much

assistance these provide when faced with a real-life bear.

I keep seeing this skit in my mind of a bear running my way…

There's me staring down the bear, spray in hand like you see in the old western movies. (That's right you big fluff ball bring it on)… I wait until the right moment to pull the trigger and the safety plastic is still attached.

You get the idea....

A not so happy ending…

My fingers are crossed that I don’t come face to face with Mr Big Daddy Brown and I just get to observe these fur babies from afar.

I have just treated (Veronica) my very budget bike to a new chain and brakes and she’s smoother than ever. I still have to work out how to send her and me home after the trip as we have no time to return by bike, but that's a future me problem to solve.

Say Hi to Veronica my noble steed...

So my twenty pence for today is… when an opportunity presents itself grasp it by the balls and make it happen, you can always fill in the fine print later!

Chow for now!

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