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My cycle Dairies. Where has all the ME time gone?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

I miss cycle touring! Life’s back in full swing and I feel like I’m back to juggling work, social and hobbies. Oh, and I’m a stand in mum for my friends poochie for the next few months! Throw that into the mix… I’ve fallen in love with my four-legged friend fast but she is definitely taking up my free time! Thing’s like cycling and my blog for instance have taken a back seat. Where does the time go?

NEW FOUND respect going out to the single working mommas out there!

I’m very happy with my fitness at the moment. I feel really healthy, lots of energy and well I look pretty alright too. Maybe the dreaded thirties wont be so bad? Maybe my thirties will be prime time Tanya and ill get life all figured out… Maybe...

I’ve put a lot of effort in over the past year to make exercise a daily habit! I’m mindful not to let that slide now life is busy again. Though I do miss not having to think about where to slot in a work out. Cycling to get from A to B and stuffing my face with all the food definitely suited me. Now I'm having to come up with some rather creative ways to utilize my time.

Like when working the other day, I was de-weeding the grounds in the infamous downward dog position... better get that hamstring stretch in.

Builders where you at? Honestly slightly bonkers but what can we do?

Welcome to the life of Tanya, the queen of multi tasking and blunders. That's one of my life improvement focal points at the moment. Anything that requires some aspect of brain power... Just do that task, shit can wait!

Cycle touring did teach me a lot about prioritising. I would always have to pick the place I really wanted to see, or the route I would prefer to cycle, over other options. I think it gives you a different outlook and a higher appreciation to what you have right in-front of you.

I was always somebody that ran myself ragged trying to please other people and get other jobs slotted into my day.

Whereas now, I just do the best I can. I’m no longer kicking myself or feeling incompetent if I can’t fit it in.

Looking back on my trip, I had quite the journey. Weather definitely made it more of a challenge! Once I reached Hokkaido the sun was shining with a few more glorious days in the forecast. After cycling in the rain for the past two weeks. I decided to take an extra day to cycle up prettier coast-line.

Just look at that blue sky!! Yes SUN!

Esabachi was the highlight. Lovely little coastal town, I got a nice camp down by the sea after visiting the local Onsen. Which was basic but clean with friendly staff and good water quality!

I left Hakodate at 2pm after filling my face with burger and fries... this was a big afternoon!

Next day I kept cycling up the coast. The a rotenburough onsen I wanted to visit was closed… oh corona.

I stopped by a little seafood restaurant for some yummy sashimi. I was the first gaijin to grace their restaurant, me and this lady became fast Facebook pals.

I may just have a new admirer, I can’t recall anybody else ever taking so many

photos of me simply being before.

Hey you’re getting all the wrong angles and you don’t need a photo of my double chin!

After food I hit the pass and made my way to Oshamambe and got a camp by the beach. You could just about see the outline of Mount Yotei in the distance.

Now I'm on the homestretch, just under five weeks of cycling. I stop by to see the old gal at the ramen shop in Kuromatsunai. She remembered me from the previous summer.

I was very happy to see her bossing her pans about the kitchen. This bitesize lady is overflowing with personality.

If your ever in Kuromatsunai go see her please🙏 she has been vaccinated and business is rather quiet.

And their it is...

Yotei is in Focus...

Well a bed will be nice...

So I guess my twenty pence for today is that... There’s not many things so urgent in life that it can’t be achieved the next day! Just do what you can and make some time for yourself! Besides your probably not as bonkers as me so your doing well in life!

Here's some awards of my trip....

Prettiest looking ice cream....

Most random flavours.... L=Miso flavour R= Salt flavour

The most deliciously creamy.....

Worst toilet block camp spot

Best camp spot...

Tastiest sea food...

L- Shimonoseki pufferfish sashimi M= Aomori miso scallop R- Kami Crab

Least favorite plating but still Yummy...

Favorite onsen!

I'm currently trying to put together a very badly animated map of my route. If i'm honest I more productive at drinking the wine I pour myself to make the video.

I will hopefully have it ready over the next few days!

Thanks for reading :)

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