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My cycle Diaries: Take 4

Updated: May 15, 2021

I’m currently camped in a park’s public toilet, no onsen tonight and I ate the some very fresh fish… too fresh for comfort. I mean the mouth was still gaping! … It’s shitting it down outside and it’s forecast to stay shitting it down for the duration of the upcoming week. Not the best time to be on a bike… looks like I’m shit out of luck!

But let’s rewind, so after leaving Tsunoshima island I spent a day in transit, navigating my way through Shimonseki and Kitakyushu. These cities are pretty run-down, lots of places have shut up shop and I’m not sure if it’s the effects of corona, or whether it stems from before that. Fortunately for me the Karato Market was still open. I got to try this pufferfish Sashimi!

It was Yummy! I managed to get a camp with some shelter on the outskirts of the city. The rain was due to start…

And start it did… I had the wettest shitty day and made a beeline for Fukuoka city. I got myself a hotel for the night to dry off!! However there were a few highlights from my day, some lovely ladies at a café took me in for a while and supplied me with coffee and lemon cake. I cycled through an amazing bamboo forest and got to eat my first Kyushu ramen. It was needed, it warmed my cold body and gave me the boost I needed to carry on.

Fukuoka was a cool city, it had corona procedures in place for the night time though. No restaurants to serve food after 8pm, alcohol also seemed restricted. Thinking about it tonight’s been the first draft beer I’ve been allowed since leaving Hokkaido. The city is rich in history so plenty touristy spots to see, lots of hip cafes and what would be bars in none corona times, and the shopping centres. The shopping centres where sooooo cool! There was also lots of girly bars for the men, a big red light district scene that still seemed in full swing corona or not.

The sea front was a typical seaside resort. Wasn’t like Japan at all, Felt a little Bazar!

I headed down the coastline and camped up in Karatsu for the night. Their was some great beaches enroute and lots of small shrines dotted along the coast. I visited an onsen that pumped water from a source 1600m underground and was known for ‘good-looking skin’. I don’t think I left their anymore good looking but I did enjoy my bath.

Today’s cycling was amazeballs. The coastline from Karatsu to Imari was unbelievably beautiful and nice cycling! My favourite area was Genkai and its many rice field terraces. It’s a good job I’m cycling on my own because I just kept stopping to take photos. I mean Tanya their just rice fields, but I was in awe.

I Left Genkai area around 11.30 and thought I could push it another hour for lunch.. Their looked to be lots of little towns on the way for some grub. Though again everything was shut. What? Corona go away please. It’s funny the only thing I’m ever concerned about is eating when I’m on the bike, until I pull up for the day and then it’s… where can I get away with pitching my tent. I think I’m going to have to skedaddle from this cubby hole of the lady’s restroom pretty pronto tomorrow.

So that’s it... I turn 31 tonight and I'm camping in a ladies bathroom. I have to cycle 60km in downpour to Nagasaki tomorrow and take refuge! I don’t think this will be a birthday ill forget anytime soon!

As for my twentypence you have to take the shit storm to enjoy the sunshine and always pack a trusty waterproof. Not a second street... not so waterproof jacket 😉

Until next time…

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