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My Cycle Tour Diaries. Take 1

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

I know I said once a week but I feel ill just write up my explorations when I have the energy and feel like writing. Besides I have done a lot in the past few days and my backside feels it too!

My first day was a big day, it started off with the lush beaches and the sunny skies of Amanohashidate, too me battling some crazy head winds in the afternoon and seeking shelter to brace the incoming storm. I fortunately found a resting area at the beach so I camped inside and roped down my tent. Sleep was near impossible and my tent took a few small tears but nothing major! It was an interesting first night!

The next day was a short cycling day, The skies where bawling! I made the decision to peddle the 20km in the rain so I could haul up in Kinosaki onsen town for the day. What better activity to do in the rain than sit off in a bubbling onsen? I ended up staying the night at Kinosaki Knot guest house and I’m glad I did! Kotani San was great, he just opened up last February and you could see that he has passion for running his guest house. The knot had all the little touches to make you welcome and he even messaged me the next day to make sure I was safe. Now that’s hospitality!

The onsen town had a different ambience at night. The canal running through the centre was lantern lit and the town was quiet of day tourists. Staying guests wore the traditional Japanese robe and wooden sandals, these really clip clopped on stone streets and the echo created a very relaxing vibe. Their was lots of young love around too, the couples walked hand in hand clip cloppering their way around town and testing out the variety on street food.

God I’m so single!

P.s. If you ever go for a soak my favorite was goshonoyu bath!

Now it’s leg day, I should have listened to Kotani sans warning of how hilly the coast line was but I went anyway and just about made it! I managed over 900m elevation carrying 19kg. Not being cycle fit I would class this as an achievement. Leg ache aside it was definitely worth it. The cliffy coast line had spectacular views and cycling it with a half decent road bike and no added weight would be dreamy! Hill climbs to a view followed by nice windy downhills every cyclists road porn.

I rolled into Shin onsen town with very tired legs. The town was pretty much shut down for Sunday, so I went to seek out my campsite for the night. To my undelight the campsite was closed because of corona. It was also manned to make sure nobody sneaky sneaky camped. The very apologetic lady pointed me in the direction of Igumi camp which was just a further 10 km. Come on legs you got this!

But it all worked out well! I got to meet the surfing squad. Two gentlemen from Osaka and one from Kobe invited me to share their table. With their broken English and my very broken Japanese we some how managed to make it work. We ended up having quite the party!! Champagne, beer and wine later I said my goodnights and awoke with a stonker on a headache this morning… hashtag hanging!

One thing I have been pondering today is what do men talk about? I realised last night that these three friends had known each other for a while but none knew about each other’s family or personal lives. That’s until they got out their smart phones to show me photos… So guys what do you talk about?

Today was a little boring in comparison so not much to say. The cycle to the sand dunes was pretty cool but getting out of Tottori was boring. I had to stick to the high way for the most part and the cycle route was on the pavement, lots of bumping around and not kind to the foof. I’ve made it to Togo onsen and plan to head to Daizen national park tomorrow. Looks like I’m in for another wet one.

One thing I have learnt though is not to plan at all. I have in mind a campsite or a restaurant and generally its been closed or not operating so take life as it comes. Plans are changing all the time.

When life gives you lemons make lemonade then mix it with something stronger ;)

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